The Amorgos Conspiracy

The Amorgos ConspiracyThe Amorgos Conspiracy is the true story of the escape of a political prisoner from the colonels’ dictatorship of the 1960’s.  The moderate left wing politician George Mylonas is being held in exile on a remote Aegean island.  A plot to rescue him is mounted by his son-in-law, Elias Kulukundis, the author—a young Greek-American writer—who leads the rescue party to the island of Amorgos. The drama unfolds against an idyllic setting of a cruise in Greece, and the other rescuers—young Italian volunteers about the same age as Kulukundis—do not know either the identity of the prisoner or the “member of the resistance,” who is leading them.  Kulukundis, the narrator, is traveling under a Danish passport belonging to one Arne Diener, a young Danish citizen who like many Scandinavians in that era has donated his passport to the resistance against the colonels.
What makes The Amorgos Conspiracy different is the fact that is not a novel. It is a true story. It is Elias Kulukundis’ gripping tale, of organizing the escape of his father-in law, George Mylonas. This is a book about coming of age, “a true story that marked the end of my youthful illusions” as Elias says.
The Amorgos Conspiracy in a few words: A political thriller, conspiracy, adventure, drama, love story, narrative nonfiction, true story.

“Packed with intricate relationships, exotic landscapes, and real-world
intrigue, The Amorgos Conspiracy is my favorite kind of read — a stylish
globe-trotting adventure that teaches as much as it entertains.”

—Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code and Inferno

“Elias Kulukundis brilliantly captures a rich and complex world at a
dangerous and critical time. He takes the reader inside a Greek shipping
family, inside Greek politics, inside a plot to free a prisoner under the
Colonels, and inside a questing and adventurous Greek-American’s heart.
The Amorgos Conspiracy is a page-turner.”

—Arianna Huffington, publisher The Huffington Post and author of Pigs At the Trough.

Nikolia Apostolou, a video-journalist based in Athens, has directed a short documentary entitled “The Amorgos Conspiracy: A true story of escape from the military junta”, written and produced by Elias Kulukundis.
Watch the short documentary based on the book.

Published by Eleftheroudakis S.A.
no. of pages:220
ISBN: 9789602001660

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