Elias’s interest in true stories and what actually happened has led him both to make his own documentary films and to participate in others.

Documentary Films

Return to Amorgos, by Elias Kulukundis, 2013

Elias Kulukundis has finished a documentary film based on retracing the steps of his first visit to Amorgos after forty-four years, entitled, “Return to Amorgos.” The documentary will be soon available at Elias Kulukundis’ YouTube Channel. Date to be announced.

Cyprus: Anatomy of a Crisis, by Elias Kulukundis, 1977

When the Greek junta staged a coup against the government of Cyprus in 1974, the island nation was invaded by Turkey and subsequently divided. Elias Kulukundis traveled to Cyprus and made a documentary film called Cyprus: Anatomy of a Crisis.

Elias Kulukundis first went to Cyprus in September 1969 when he sought the help of left-wing Cypriot partisans to find him a boat to rescue the prisoner of Amorgos.  He did not find a boat on that trip, but he remained interested in Cyprus ever since. Cypriots seemed a down-to-earth, sometimes a wild-West version of mainland Greeks. As someone descended from Kasos in the Dodecanese, Elias felt he was somewhere between the two.

When the Greek Junta staged a coup against the Cypriot government in 1974, he identified with the Cypriot cause, and he felt the best way he could help it was to make a film to show the real causes of what happened.

Film interview

Elias Kulukundis remembers Manuel Kulukundis, 2013

Elias Kulukundis has appeared in the The Greek Shipping Hall of Fame speaking about his Uncle Manuel Kulukundis, 1898-1988, who is one of the inductees. Click on the link to watch the film interview.