Cyprus: Anatomy of a Crisis, by Elias Kulukundis, 1977

When the Greek junta staged a coup against the government of Cyprus in 1974, the island nation was invaded by Turkey and subsequently divided. Elias Kulukundis traveled to Cyprus and made a documentary film called Cyprus: Anatomy of a Crisis.

Elias Kulukundis first went to Cyprus in September 1969 when he sought the help of left-wing Cypriot partisans to find him a boat to rescue the prisoner of Amorgos.  He did not find a boat on that trip, but he remained interested in Cyprus ever since. Cypriots seemed a down-to-earth, sometimes a wild-West version of mainland Greeks. As someone descended from Kasos in the Dodecanese, Elias felt he was somewhere between the two.

When the Greek Junta staged a coup against the Cypriot government in 1974, he identified with the Cypriot cause, and he felt the best way he could help it was to make a film to show the real causes of what happened.