Bold Coasts now out in english

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The long awaited third volume of Elias Kulukundis’s trilogy of autobiographical memoirs,“Bold Coasts – Life in a Greek shipping family”, is out now in English. The book dramatizes the writer’s transition from a political activist who organized the escape of a minister interred by the Junta of the 1960’s, to a shipping financier and family man who made headlines with a tanker investment in 1999.
At the same time, it opens a window into the closed world of Greek shipping and chronicles the fortunes of one of the oldest Greek shipping families through three generations.
Bold Coasts opens a window into the dark reality beneath the glamor of Greek shipping, as the story is told from the view-point not of an outsider who stays on the surface, but by a mature writer who has experienced life in a Greek shipping family at first hand.

Find the book in English by Eleftheroudakis S.A. at:
• Telstar – Nautical Publications- 3, 2nd Merarchias str., Piraeus
• BOOKTIQUE – 21, Patriarchou Ioakim Str., Athens

and online at:

[…] Greece’s most unconventional shipowner, Kulukundis recounts his personal life and that of his family, one of Greece’s foremost shipping clans […] and goes far beyond telling a conventional shipping tale. He grapples with much more fundamental questions directly resulting from his maritime heritage. What does it mean to be born into wealth? How do Greek shipowners look at their country, and how do other Greeks look at them? What does it mean to be Greek when you are growing up an ocean apart from your country of origin?
Harry Papachristou, Trade Winds

“This is an important autobiographical book which opens a window onto the closed world of Greek shipping through one of the most important shipowning families of Greece”
Naftika Chronika