Isaiah’s Dance

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Excerpt from Elias Kulukundis new book «Bold Coasts» – Chapter 42: Labor Day

[…] Since we are giving a lunch in honour of ourselves after the wedding on Saturday,” Lucy wrote her parents, “we decided we had better do it in style. Right now the house is crawling with people, some cleaning windows, some incidentally breaking windows, some cleaning dog-pee’d carpets and another tuning the piano. So we shall be shining, sweet smelling and tuneful. “

Wedding with Lucy

Photo credit: Elias Kulukundis personal photo archive

My brother John was our best man and held the crowns above our heads in the Eastern Orthodox ceremony. Since I had been through a similar ceremony with Eleni, I remembered after the crowning, the priest was supposed to lead bridegroom, bride, and best man, around the wedding table three times in what is known as Isaiah’s Dance. The priest in the little church outside Athens had fairly skipped around the table, but here in my father’s church in Connecticut, the priest kept a funereal pace so that I was treading on his heels behind him.
“In all my days, I have never seen a bridegroom more anxious to get around the table than this one,” the priest said in his remarks afterwards.
You bet. It’s called Isaiah’s Dance, and I wanted to dance. […]

“Bold Coasts” is about to be published in Greek by Potamos Publishers with the sub-title, “A Life’s Adventure in a Greek Shipping Family”. It will be available in English later this year.

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