A summer memory

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In the summer of 1974, the failing colonels staged a coup against the Makarios government in Cyprus. The Turks invaded the island.  In Athens, the Junta fell. Ex-PM Karamanlis took over the Greek leadership and called for elections.  The Greek officer corps was restive and there were continual rumors of another coup.  But after the elections, such rumors were no longer heard.  With an elected government in place, the junta knew all over Europe, the outcry would be horrendous.

I think of that summer now.  After the referendum has given such a resounding mandate to the Syriza government, Germany can no longer slam the door on negotiations.  The outcry  in Europe would be too horrendous.

Οχι με τανκς, οχι με μπανκς!


(photo credit kostasmavroskoufis.blogspot.gr)